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Even if you are loyal to raw, rough, solid selvedge jeans, you have to admit it's still good to have other options that are less thigh-clinging in the summer. We don't wish Ross's ordeal on anyone in this legendary scene from Friends when he can't make it into his own pants.

In a lighter, softer canvas, our main challenge was to find THE right denim, so that we remained with stylish jeans that were not too washed out, with no frills to make sure you also look great on a night out.

Please note that they pair well with all of our summer tops! Honolulu Shirt ✅, Polo Shirt ✅, Matteo Shirt ✅, Harrington ✅…

These jeans were made in Portugal from an organic cotton canvas, GOTS certified.

In terms of the cut, it is semi-slim. Don't worry, the jeans are therefore neither too tight nor too wide.

Edouard measures 1m90 and is wearing a size 31. The jeans relax slightly when worn.

Length: 27-28: 84cm, 29-33: 86cm, 34-35: 88cm.

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Five-pocket jeans
Straight-slim fit
Small pocket in the right front pocket
Buttons closure

OEKO-TEX & GOTS certifications
Composition : 100% organic cotton
Weight : 335 g/m
Made in Portugal

Delicate machine wash at 30 ° alone for the first time, or leave it to soak overnight in a basin of cold water with white vinegar to stabilize the color.
Jeans should be washed very little, otherwise you will damage them. Preferably wash it inside out.
Ideally: do not wash them in the machine but in a basin with a little detergent and cold water.

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