Jeans | Green & Red Selvedge ♻️

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Jeans are like fine wine 🍷: the older they get, the more they assert their personality. Over time, they become that old traveling companion with its wrinkles, scratches and patina that make them a unique piece.

Our vintage: we chose an organic red selvedge fabric ♻️ with a dense and compact weave, to guarantee a longer life time.The icing on the cake : the denim fabric has received the GOTS certification for its 100% organic cotton and its vegetal indigo dye.

If you’re patient and prefer to purchase wines en primeur, go for our raw version. It’s less comfy cause it’s made out of a solid and strong fabric, but you’ll shape it as you want. If you’re looking for comfort and don’t have time to work on the fabric, go for our stone-washed version and its deep navy colour.

We chose navy sewing yarns to make our jeans more elegant. As a result, it’s less casual and easier to wear at work or at a fancy restaurant.

Last but not least - show that you’re a connoisseur by rolling up the bottom of your jeans to show the world the red pipes specific to a red selvedge fabric.

The main difference with a grand cru? Our jeans will perfectly match with all your clothes.

Nicolas is 1m83 (6 ft.) and he is wearing a size 30. Our jeans loosen up with time.
Length : 27-28 : 84cm (2'7 ft.), 29-33 : 86cm (2'8 ft.), 34-35 : 88cm (2'9 ft.).

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Five-pocket jeans
Straight-slim fit
Red selvedge
Small pocket in the right front pocket
Buttons - no zipper

OEKO-TEX & GOTS certifications
Composition : 100% organic cotton
Weight : 355 g/m
Natural indigo dye
Made in Portugal

Delicate machine wash at 30 ° alone for the first time, or leave it to soak overnight in a basin of cold water with white vinegar to stabilize the color.
Jeans should be washed very little, otherwise you will damage them. Preferably wash it inside out.
Ideally: do not wash them in the machine but in a basin with a little detergent and cold water.

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