Designed in Paris with love

A typical masculine contradiction?

We are not going to lie to each other: we all like to dress well, but we have better things to do on Saturday afternoon than to go up to the fifth floor of a department store in search of the Men's department. So we gave ourselves a mission. simple: create a shopping experience adapted to men.

Have your cake and eat it too?

We men like:
  • Simple, fast and efficient shopping.
    When you know your size with a brand that appeals to you, you go back to them all the time.
  • The quality: for a garment that lasts : the materials, the cut and the finishing touches, but we do not want to pay a extravagant price for a basic piece from a high end brand.
Our Values: Simplicity, Quality & Accessibility

Our Engagements

  • A digital brand for you to do your shopping from your sofa.
  • To have your back, our stylists organize our Collections around Looks adapted to your desires.
  • Each Look gives you additional discounts.
  • Work on cuts, materials and finishes to develop high-end and sustainable pieces with the help of our hand-picked European suppliers.
  • Constant prices all year round thanks to our model without intermediaries. No more waiting for sales!

Too good to be true?

We know you like to touch the fabrics, test the fits of the clothes... but unfortunately we don't have the budget yet to give you free home fittings.

We therefore always offer you a free delivery solution (Available for Europe) and a 100% refund for returns in Metropolitan France.

You got it right: the main risk is having to drop off your package at the post office, which will always be faster than the queue for the changing rooms before Christmas...

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