Aviator Jacket Maverick - Removable Cotton Sheepskin collar

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The Aviator Jacket brings style without any effort to any outfit ! It will make you enjoy cold winter days.

Let's talk about it !
✅It is so heavy ! Indeed, the weight of this wool fabric is 750g/m whereas the average weighs between 400 and 500g/m. You will never freeze to death ! It's also water repellent !
✅The collar is removable, and made 100% with organic cotton GOTS-certified. It looks like a pice of sheepskin, and it is even softer !
✅ Its gorgeous eco-friendly buttons that look like toffees are made with corozo. Also known as the vegetable ivory, they’re 100% natural. We've picked an Oeko-Tex certified dye.
✅ For the eco friendly touch, the wool comes from ships raised with respect in small farms in Portugal, where it is also spun and woven. Our edge coasts, which are made with cotton, are made in a small workshop in the north of France.

Timothé's height is 187cm and he is wearing a medium size. If you hesitate between 2 sizes, go for the larger one.

Made in Eastern Europe.

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A thick and warm wool
Heavy edge coasts : gauge 7
Patch pockets with flap and side opening

Composition : 100% wool
Wool and weave : Portugal
Collar : 100% Organic Cotton
Made in Eastern Europe
Weight : 750 g/m
Eadge costs 100% cotton : France
Buttons in corozo
Padded lining in poly-viscose

Same cleaning as a suit, dry cleaning once a year.
If you want to smooth it, we recommend you to use a steamer, which is better than an iron which could damage the fabric.

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