Long Coat | Harry

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This long coat is a weapon of mass seduction. When you wear it, we don't look at you the same way. Without ANY effort required, whether you are in a suit or jeans, you will for sure get noticed.

The touch Paname:
👨🏼‍🎨 For Style, it gets noticed thanks to its beautiful sufficiently plunging neckline, its slightly oblique pockets for a touch of modernity, and especially for its bio-resin imitation horn buttons that highlight the navy blue color of the coat
👨🏻‍🏭 For the technical side, we chose a water repellent Portuguese woolen cloth (sheep are also Portuguese) heavyweight category. It is indeed super thick. To give you an idea, it is 750g / m when the average is below 500g / m.

Looks side, the most classic among you will wear it with a suit. We love it with jeans, a shirt or even a sweatshirt for a very casual look!

Pierre is 1m87 and wears size 48 (a small M). He could have easily fit into 50.
Sizes: S: 46 / M: 48 / M-L: 50 / L: 52 / XL: 54

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Outer beauty Inner beauty Maintenance

A woolen fabric that plays in the heavyweight category: thick and warm
Piped pockets with flap and one ticket pocket with zip

Water repellent woolen fabric: 100% wool composition
Wool & Weaving: Portugal
Manufacturing: Eastern Europe
Weight: 750 g / m
Recycled polyester buttons
Viscose lining

Same maintenance as a suit: dry cleaning once a year
To smooth it out, use a steamer
Do not iron, it could mark the fabric

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