The Smart Sweater Knitted in 3D - Organic Cotton

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This sweater is knitted in 3D in Saint-Malo 🇫🇷, an eco-responsible technology. Thanks to 3D knitting, your sweater is knitted in one go: we save raw materials and generate almost no waste. 3D knitting creates sturdy and comfortable products without seams.

This sweater is 100% certified organic cotton, which consumes 91% less water than conventional cotton. No pesticides are produced or used. It does not pollute water or air, and emits less CO2. When rotated with other crops, it improves soil's ability to absorb and store carbon.

The eco-responsible dyeing of our cotton yarns made in Portugal is Oeko-tex certified: no harmful substances have been used.

The smart sweater has undergone crash tests in the laboratory. As quality is inseparable from durability, we have tortured our sweaters to ensure that they last over time. Good news: they have received certification from the IFTH, the French Institute of Textile and Clothing, for their durability.

As we want you to be able to wear this sweater for years, we opted for a regular fit that will suit most of you.

ATTENTION: the sweater sizes very large. Take one size smaller than usual.

Made in France

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Regular fit sweater, with a "Point de Riz" knit stitch.

100% organic cotton (origin: south of India)
Eco-friendly dyeing certified by Oeko-Tex (Portugal)
3D knitted in Saint-Malo, France
Made in France

Wash separately at 30°C (do not mix whites with colors). Spin at 800 rpm. Do not use bleach or tumble dry.

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