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The origins of the cable knit sweater can be traced back to the Aran Islands (Ireland). Intended for sailors, it was supposed to bring them warmth and protect them from humidity thanks to its wool capable of absorbing water. Between the fish and the humidity, hello the smells ... According to legend, each family on the island developed its own motif to identify the bodies stranded after a shipwreck. Hard...

In any case, with our Horatio sweater, we just hope that it will allow you to make yourself known as a man of taste and style. We advise you to wear this big mesh sweater in a fairly simple way because what you are looking for above all is a little warmth at the bottom of your heart (right? 🥳). With jeans or corduroy pants, you'll be just fine to go have your coffee outside in the early morning.

100% carded wool (merino), you will see that it is very soft, comfortable, and that it may take up space in your drawer. To stay in the spirit of the sailor sweater, we have worked on a cut that is not too fitted to keep movement comfortable.

Pierre is 1m87 and is wearing a size M. If you hesitate between 2 sizes, take the smaller one.

Sweater knitted in Italy

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Cable-knit sweater in carded wool for a soft finish
Gauge 5 sts for a very thick and warm sweater

100% carded merino wool
Wool spun and knitted in Italy

There is no point in over-washing a merino wool garment because it does not retain bad odors and is breathable, which helps wick away perspiration.
Hand wash or machine wash - wool program (No spinning)
Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry
Drying: ideally flat on a towel (avoid hangers)

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