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Do you dream of the perfect sweater ? The one which doesn't need any maintenance? The one without any holes, bad smells, or scratching sewings ? Here it is our new smart sweater !

At Sapiology*, we went really far away to explore every aspects of the 3D technology and of the merinos wool ! This wool is quite peculiar because it has some uniq virtues : it is both thermoregulating and antibacterial ! Air your sweater and you won't need to wash it very often !

What is the main advantage of the 3D knitting ? It allows you to keep your sweater far longer and in good condition ! Indeed, it is ecofriendly because it allow us to save about 30% of the raw material during the process of production. It also extend how long you can keep your sweater because without any sewings, there is no holes and therefore way less waste.

So what are you waiting for ?

Made in France

Timothé is 1m85 and wear a size M. Advice for size: take the same size as your usual sweaters.

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Outer beauty Inner beauty Maintenance

The merino wool is spun by Tollegno 1900 for incredible softness and comfort.
Gauge: 12 sts
Slim fit.
Round neck.

Composition : 100% extra-fine and unshrinkable merino wool.
Knitted in 3D
The merino wool is from Australia and the sweater was knitted in France.

The merino wool is antibacterial and breathable - it prevents unpleasant smells.
Therefore, we recommend you not to wash this sweater too often.
Hand-wash is recommended.
Dry it on a flat surface.

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