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Do you remember those Italian films that smell Dolce Vita? Those handsome kids dressed in nice linen shirts, lightly unbuttoned, drinking prosecco on a wooden boat under the sun?

Today, it's time to introduce you to Alba, the shirt that smells Mediterranean. With its linen / cotton composition, take advantage of its beautiful stripes and its lightness.

For the chic side, the buttons on the collar are hidden.
For the casual side, the tightening tabs offer unique and personal looks by playing on the length of the sleeves.

Nicolas is 1m83 and wears a size M. Take your usual size.

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Tissu chiné grâce au lin
Col button-down où les boutons sont cachés
Coupe casual : elle est semi-slim, et donc ajustée sans trop l’être
Boutons en nacre avec un cousu fleur-de-lys (Zampa di Gallina)
Manches longues avec boutonnage simple aux poignets
Pattes de serrage

Composition : 80% coton / 20% lin
Provenance des tissus : Portugal
Confection : Portugal
Boutons en nacre
7 points au centimètre = coutures béton
Coutures double aiguille

Machine wash at 30 °C, upside down, alone
Spin: 600 rpm
Chlorine and drum drying prohibited

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