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Traditionally, this merino wool polo sweater is worn formally, either under a blazer or just with flannel pants and leather shoes. If you want to break the rules, wear it your way, for example, by buttoning only one button, showing off your white t-shirt and wearing casual chinos or jeans. Guaranteed success!

For this sweater, we chose merino wool for its various properties. To survive in the Sahara, the Merino sheep have over the centuries developed a thermoregulating wool that adapts to the most extreme temperature changes. The magic of nature! But that's not all, it still has many other qualities: it is ultra soft and antibacterial, and thus neutralizes bad odors.

To assure the best quality merino, we went to the most prestigious spinner in Italy, Tollegno 1900. After the wool is furnished, the sweater gets knitted in Venice.

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Merino wool spun at Tollegno 1900 for maximum softness
Gauge: 12 sts
The cut is adjusted

Composition: 100% extra fine non-shrink merino wool
Fully-fashioned sweater for a clean cut. The sweater is in fact knitted in one go, compared to a cut / sewn where the torso and the sleeves are knitted separately
Origin of Merino wool: Australia
Wool spun and knitted in Italy

There is no point in washing a merino wool sweater too much because of its breathable properties, it does not retain bad odors
Hand wash
Dry on a flat surface

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