3D Scarf - Collab Sapiology* x Les 3 Tricoteurs

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It is really not easy to find the perfect scarf, the one with is warm, soft, which doesn't pill or scratch.

At Sapiology*, we went really far away to explore every aspects of the 3D technology and of the merinos wool ! We met the 3 Tricoteur in Roubaix, those genius are expert in knitting in 3D. The wool we chose is quite peculiar because it has some unique virtues : it is both thermoregulating and antibacterial ! Air your scarf and you won't need to wash it very often !

What is the main advantage of the 3D knitting ? It allows you to keep your scarf far longer and in good condition ! Indeed, it is ecofriendly because it allow us to save about 30% of the raw material during the process of production.

So what are you waiting for ?

Made in France

Single size.

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The merino wool is spun by Tollegno 1900 for incredible softness and comfort.
Gauge: 8 sts

Composition : 100% extra-fine and unshrinkable merino wool.
Knitted in 3D
The merino wool is from Australia and the scarf was knitted in France.

The merino wool is antibacterial and breathable - it prevents unpleasant smells.
Therefore, we recommend you not to wash this scarf too often.
Hand-wash is recommended.
Dry it on a flat surface.

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